Saturday, July 13, 2013

West and Israel Behind Coup in Egypt

Former Secretary General of the Lebanese movement Hezbollah Subhi al-Tufayli told the Turkish news agencyAnadolu his opinion on the events in Egypt and the participation of the units of "Hezbollah" in the war on the side of Bashar al-Assad.

Speaking of the military coup in Egypt and the overthrow of Mohammed Mursi, al-Tufayli said that "Israel" and western countries were behind it.

According to him, numerous resignations in the government of Egypt in the last year were designed to show the incompetence of Egyptian authorities, headed by Mursi and the fact that the state built under the auspices of Muslim Brotherhood had no future.

He noted that the pressure on the Muslim Brotherhood continues, and there is no mechanism that would protect them.

Al-Tufayli said that before the coup certain forces created chaos in the economy, so they could accuse the government of failing to run the country.

"In Egypt, where there had been problems with lights and heating, all these places got electricity and heating almost immediately after the coup. It can be concluded that, in Egypt, people deliberately had been set up against the government", he said.

Al-Tufayli poke out sharply against the so-called "interim president" of Egypt Adly Mansour. According to him, Mansour needs to admit that the military coup and his appointment contradict the constitution, for which the people voted.

Turning to the situation in Syria, the former leader of Hezbollah condemned the participation of Shiites in the war in that country. He believes that because of this, the clashes may have been pushed into Lebanon, and this may have led to the sectarian war.

Moreover, Al-Tufayli is convinced, the participation of Hezbollah in the Syrian war weakened Lebanese resistance to "Israel".

According to him, Hezbollah should leave Syria and return to Lebanon, and Iran should reconsider its Middle East policy for the benefit of Muslims.

Sheikh Subhi al-Tufayli, one of the founders of the Hezbollah, led the movement in 1989-1991. In 1997, he proclaimed a civil disobedience campaign to protest against the deterioration of social and economic situation of Shiites in Lebanon.

In response, the Hezbollah decided to expel al-Tufayli from this movement in 1998.

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