Wednesday, August 21, 2013

'Israel' Speaks : "We Must Support Egyptian Military at Any Cost

Tel Aviv finally admitted publicly what has been already known by the whole world. The military coup in Egypt was carried out in the interests of "Israel".

Thus, underhand manoeuvres and alliances that all these years have been carefully hidden from the public street, became a reality.

The jigsaw pieces of the Middle Eastern politics have finally fallen in place. "Israel" and Saudi Arabia (plus - the UAE, Kuwait, Jordan, Bahrain) - all of them are allied countries under the protection of bloody America.

As reported by Zionist media, "Israel" is planning to step up its diplomatic campaign calling on Europe and the US to support the military junta in Egypt.

A senior "Israeli" official involved in this diplomatic mission spoke to The New York Times.

According to the Jewish thug, ambassadors of "Israel" in Washington, London, Paris, Berlin, Brussels and other capitals are ordered to lobby foreign ministers.

At the same time, this work will cover political and public figures, who will play along with diplomats, arguing that the military junta has always been the only hope to prevent "further turmoil in Cairo". (They have created the chaos themselves and now claim that there is no alternative left).

"We're trying to talk to key actors, key countries, and share our view that you may not like what you see, but what's the alternative?", boldly asked Zionist thug.

"If you insist on big principles, then you will miss the essential - the essential is putting Egypt back on track at whatever cost. First, save what you can, and then deal with democracy and freedom and so on", the Jew stressed.

"At this point, added the criminal Jew - the choice is limited - it's army or anarchy".

We must understand that the words "to return Egypt back on track" is meant to return Egypt under the strict control of "Israel".

On Saturday, the same New York Times quoted a diplomatic source who said that "Israel", the junta's illegal "defence minister" and the coup leader Gen. Abdel Fattah al-Sisi were in close contact.

These diplomats say that "Israel" assured the putschists that they should not worry about the threats of the United States to reduce its huge aid package to the country.

The US did not rush to stop its aid to Egypt, which could cause serious damage to relations with the Egyptian army. After all, the Egyptians allow the Americans to move their armed forces, quickly and almost without warning, along the Egyptian air corridor and through the Suez Canal, which is vital for the war of world democracy against Islam in the Horn of Africa, the Gulf and Afghanistan, write the Zionist media.

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